It is said that when one door closes, another opens. My teddy bear ’door’ opened as
a result of a life-changing car accident. While taking counselling on living with chronic pain
I was advised to try something that I would never have had time for if I were working.

A teddy bear for my young granddaughter seemed like a good project. I foolishly decided
to use stretchy material with the idea that I could give the bear plump little cheeks and
rounded features. What I didn’t plan on was the fact that he would stretch everywhere.
We named him Morph because he regularly changed shape. The only way to go was up.

I began experimenting and designing, recycling old mohair and wool coats from thrift stores
in order to keep my costs down. From there I progressed to working with vintage fur.
Much to my surprise, people who saw the bears began to place orders.

                         And Counterpane Collectables was born.

Most of my work is now custom work from clients’ own furs -
perhaps mom’s or grandmother’s old fur stole or jacket. There is
always a sentimental attachment built into the finished bear.

I do all of my own patterns (for which I have won many
design awards,
both nationally and internationally) so the bears are
designed to customers’  specifications.
I have found the work
very gratifying, playing a part in preserving precious memories.
I cherish the friends I have made along the way.
SOMEBODY’S MOTHER was a finalist in an international teddy bear design competition. or phone 604-462-8114.